The Parent Engagement Survey (PES) is a tool that can be used to assess the level of parent engagement and involvement in your school's activities.

The PES is designed to provide schools with a way to evaluate the current state of parental involvement, which can be used to promote a positive school environment wherein students, teachers, and parents all take an active role.

The survey can be used to identify areas of strengths and weakness in schools' efforts to engage parents, and provide guidance for future efforts.

Some of the most important features of the PES include:

The survey is 27 questions long; short enough to encourage high levels of parental participation, but detailed enough to provide schools with comprehensive information.
The survey is anonymous, giving parents the freedom to answer honestly and openly about any areas of concern.
The survey is customizable, allowing for up to five school-created questions to be asked of parents to gauge areas of special concern for individual schools.
The survey is web-based, meaning that parents are not required to fill out yet another form and return it to the school. They simply click their way through the survey.
The survey is tested, with two years' worth of responses collected to develop appropriate norms and provide an existing set of responses to which a school's responses can be compared.






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